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Current Exhibition: Greta Hart - Water Colour Artist

Running from 26th June - 25th August

We are proud to announce our newest exhibition of work by Greta Hart of Usk.

"Much of the art images that I make explores the meeting place of lines and curves. Tensions between light and shade. Noticing the point of stillness that accommodates the possibility for movement and change. The subject matter may be recognizable as a plant or a landscape but rather than reproducing a photographic-type representation my work intends to connect with inner substance rather than outer appearance.

The work represents the blink of my eye when something sparks my attention - a split second that touches me deeply."


Current Exhibition: Ali Scott - Felt Artist

Running from 29th May - 14th July

The ancient art of felt making has become an abiding passion and making it is a very sensory experience. 'Making' is a way of life for me and is deeply enriching. My work is informed by what I see and I am inspired by the rich and diverse landscape of Wales, the changing seasons, the animals that abound here and the traditional dwellings that can still be found, nestled in the hills. I have a particular fascination with trees that has endured since childhood. I often repeat a theme, reworking it until I feel I have achieved the desired outcome.


Current Exhibition: Julie Haile - Artist

Running from 29th May - 14th July

Wales, A Literary Landscape

In this collection of works I have looked at a landscape with a story or legend behind it.

If you travel through the far reaches of Wales it is easy to see how the stories and myths conjured up by Druids and ancient story tellers come about. However, if you find yourself on the banks of Llyn Y Fan Fach at dusk on a summer evening its easy to see how these stories travel down the centuries and like Chinese whispers get more fantastical with each telling. Modern day tales of transformers or Game of Thrones are directly affected by these ancient tales and times, check out the stories from the Mabinogi for a start.

In this body of work, I have drawn on stories, myths and legendary figures to add an element to the work. The majority of the landscapes are my direct representations of the actual landscapes and recognisable if you were to travel there, others like “Under Milk Wood are fabricated from different locations and landscapes. The tale of Blodeuwedd in the Mabinogi is my representation of the story, a cheating wife made from flowers turned into an owl, there I did say they were fantastic stories….


Current Exhibition: Jewellery by Annamarie

Running from 29th May - onwards

Handmade silver jewellery inspired by nature, folklore and my imagination - a place of fantasy and wonder.

I use pure silver (99.9%) and sterling silver, and both traditional silversmithing and contemporary carving techniques. My designs are heavily influenced by the beauty of nature around me and trips into my imagination – a world of fantasy and magic.

Current Exhibition: Lewis Harrison-kemp - stonemason/carver

Running from 1st May onwards

I was born in Wales but moved to France in 1996, where I qualified as a French stonemason in 2008. I then returned to Wales moving to a town called Cowbridge, where I now work as a stonemason/carver on period and listed properties around South Wales.


Previous Exhibition: Michael Gallacher - Artist

Running from 1st May - 23rd June

I have been painting for many years and taken much pleasure in the landscape around me. I realised the importance of going outside to paint, observing real colours and perspective, it is only then that nature reveals some of its mysteries. It was due to these influences that I started working in oil and acrylics in order to give more depth of colour to my work. Now as I travel this country and abroad with my wife Maggie I can enjoy recording some of the places we visit and hope to reflect them in my future paintings.


Previous Exhibition: Janet Chapin Artist

Running from 1st May - 26th May

I have always been drawn to the sea, the expanse of sky, sea and tones. The promise of possibilities of a wild and bracing experience. I have been experimenting with painting on wood by layering the texture of the sea and sky with impasto oil paint contrasting with the loosening of the paint with linseed oil and varnish. The building of surface and texture evokes a tactile experience of sand, sea and sky. A sense of place and my relationship with that place is at the heart of my practise, I work primarily from sketches drawn in situ. These inform my approach but soon emotion and memory guide me.


Previous Exhibition: Pauline Price Artist

Running from 1st May - 26th May

Pauline is a self-taught artist who began painting when she retired from a career in education. Born and raised in Merthyr Tydfil, Pauline Price’s colourful paintings reflect her love of landscape and her fascination with colour and texture. She took an art foundation course in 2014-15, which was a wonderful opportunity for experimentation and working larger. Pauline paints in acrylics, oils and mixed media as well as pen and wash, she loves the textures and tactile quality that working with a palette knife brings to paintings.


Previous Exhibition: Watercolour & Oil Paintings by Paul Weston

Running from 3rd April - 26th May

Paul Weston is based in Cwmbran, painting in both watercolour and oil, with two distinct and contrasting styles. His watercolours concentrate on fine detailed brushwork, capturing accurate scenes of hills, valleys, countryside and coastline. His oil paintings are much looser, painted quickly with a greater freedom, whilst retaining elements of detail. These are painted on the spot whenever possible capturing urban scenery including Usk, Abergavenny and Cardiff.


Previous Exhibition: Photography with Phil Powell

Running from 1st February - 31st March

Phil Powell Photography - My name is Phil Powell and I work as an all-round photographer based in Monmouthshire, where I live with my partner and 6 children. I love the outdoors and being able to combine this with my photography allows me to capture the moments of life for all to see. I specialise in portrait photography, particularly for families, individuals and those in the music industry. I also enjoy landscape photography in the city and countryside. As a photographer and family man, I know how valuable it is to capture a beautiful moment of your life which leaves you with a memory that lasts a lifetime.   


Previous Exhibition: Firepit & Burnished Ceramics with Martine Wills

Running from 1st February - 31st March

Martine Wills - Since holding my first pencil I have always been interested in making art. I didn't start producing art seriously until I returned to the UK in the late nineties.

I then went to Richmond College and from there onto Wimbledon School of Art where I studied sculpture. Thereafter, I became a full-time artist, initially working with several established artists in order to develop my skill in various media.

I am a sculpture who has worked in wood, stone, plaster, clay and bronze using the figurative form as my inspiration.

I am now exploring the use of ceramics to make sculptural pots. These pots aren't functional, instead I focus on simplicity of shape, texture and colour to achieve something out of the ordinary. All of my pots are created through a coiling technique.

I am inspired by the ancient and ethnic shapes and forms of pots and other vessels interpreted with an organic figurative form.   


Previous Exhibition: Whozits and Whatzits Galore

Running from 24th October - 23rd December

Exhibition Opening Event Saturday 27th October

A sumptuous collection of work that will take your Christmas shopping to another level. Unique, one off pieces for that special someone and a range of high quality, hand made gifts suitable for stock fillers or secret Santa. Support local this Christmas, give gifts that have been handmade with love.   


Exhibitors include;
Pauline Ball – Ceramics
Ant Beetlestone – Chainsaw carving
Louise Freeman – Quirky Hares and Chickens
Christine Crafts – Embroidery
Gaby Devitt – Handwoven Furnishings
Adele Pask – Artist
Gigi Jones – Artist
Lynda Jones – Artist
Uzumlu - Glass Arts
Sally Boehme – Shibori Jewellery
Martha Pilson – Felt Sculpture
Jamabe – Felt bags
Barbara Pilson – Ceramics
Andrew Allanson – Artist

Previous Exhibition: Beautifully Utilitarian

Craft Renaissance are proud to announce the launch of it's latest exhibition, 'Beautifully Utilitarian'. This exhibition focuses on functional art and crafts.

August 22nd - October 21st 2018

Beautifully Utilitarian exhibitors; 
Whittled Spoons - Tom Ward-Jackson 
Hand painted furnishings - Janet Parker 
Textiles - Virginia Hole 
Wood Turning - Keith Fenton 
Furnishings - Jonathan William 
Textiles - Kay Watkins 
Ceramics - Rachel Padley 
Ceramics - Joe Finch 
Hand woven textiles - Rhian Wyman Design 
Ceramics - Emily Cross 
Cayt Giles - Textiles
Green Wood Furniture - John Combe 
Stone Splitter Clocks - Ian Roberts 
Lino cut prints - Judith Stroud 
Forging - Mike Davies

Previous Exhibition - Creatures

Running from May 23rd to August 19th 2018

'A unique collection of critters'


Think Quirky Hares, Oil Grizzly Bears, Felt Foxes, Acrylic Sand Martins, Cold Cast Bronze Bulls, Dragons, Wire Love Birds, Embroidery Fish, Wild dogs on linen and much much more!


Creatures exhibitors; 
Nina Lazarou 
Quirky Hares 
Felt Et Moi 
Ian Coleman 
Christine Dadd 
Erica Pinney 
Andrew Allanson 
Tracey-Anne Sitch 
Ann Kelly

Erika Lyons Trio Jazz; 
Pianist Guy Shotton 
Double bass player Erika Lyons 
Saxophonist Daniel Newberry


Previous Exhibition: All Ways Green

 'Creating beauty using colour and sustainable materials'

Running from March 28th until May 20th 2018

Exhibitors include;
Rachel Padley - Ceramics 
Jonathan William - Interior Design Reused Materials
Virginia Hole - Textiles
Mary Cousins - Ceramics
Gabby Devitt - Handwoven Designer
Hillary Coole - Ceramics
Beth Giles - Artist
Janet Parker - Textiles
Jantien Powell - Artist
Deborah Wheeler - Textiles
Meg Bateman - Artist
Cayt Giles - Textiles


Previous Exhibition: Out of The Woods

Running from February 1st March to 25th 2018

Current Exhibition 'Out of The Woods'

Exhibitors Include;

Keith Fenton – Wood Turner
Janet Parker – Textiles Artwork
David Hobbs – Landscape Artist
Jonathan William – Furniture Designer
Dave Johnson – Wood Carver
John Durose – Wood Turner
Janet Parker – Textiles Artist
Kathleen Littler - Wood engraving
Erica Pinney- Potter
Cayt Giles – Textiles Design
Tom Ward-Jackson – Wood Whittling
John Combe – Furniture
Deborah Wheeler – Textile Artist